Adrienne Rose Music
NOT your normal acoustic

acoustic gigs
recording collaborations
song writing
vocal recordings
Adrienne, Joel and Pep have an unbridled
passion for music and enjoy playing
acoustic gigs, both formal and informal.  
Adrienne and Joel have been married since
February of 2009, however, they have been
together since 2007.  Throughout their
relationship, the common denominator has
always been music.  Not long after they
began dating, Adrienne and Joel started
playing a few songs at home and before
long, they expanded their set list and began
performing in local venues.  

Joel and Pep met when Joel was singing
for "11th Voice" and Pep was drumming for
"No Love Lost"/"Edge of Life".  Their bands
played many shows together and all the
guys became good friends.  

Pep called Joel about playing at a Breast
Cancer Awareness Benefit in September
2011.  Pep had set up multiple bands to
play the main stage (his band, "No Love
Lost" being the headliner) and asked
Adrienne and Joel to play on a second
stage in between the main stage bands.  
Pep also asked if he could put together a
little percussion rig and "sit in".  They had a
blast and the people loved it and, as they
say, the rest is history.  Pep has played
virtually every gig with Adrienne and Joel
since that benefit.  At first, the gigs were
billed as "Adrienne Rose Music with special
guest Pep Jones".  In November 2011, Pep
officially became part of
"Adrienne Rose Music".

"None of us can explain what happened at
that benefit when we played together.  It was
like instant chemistry.  We didn't even really
know what we were creating.  We had no
idea.  We were just having fun."

"People often ask us why we do what we do
and why we gig so much.  It's very simple
really - we get off on it.  We absolutely love
what we do.  It's not anymore complicated
than that.  We've all done it before in other
bands, but there's something different with
this - something special.  It has many
elements of a full-band format, yet it's so
primitive.  We can't even really put a finger
on it.  It just is what it is."

Through "Adrienne Rose Music", Adrienne,
Joel and Pep have connected/re-connected
with so many awesome people in the local
community and beyond - musicians and
non-musicians alike.  

When we started playing with Pep, it was all
about getting gigs - as many as we could,
where ever we could.  We stayed pretty local
at first and went to as many open-mics in
and around Middletown as we could, just
trying to get our name out there.  Shortly
thereafter, we began to branch out north and
south.  Now we play all over southwestern
Ohio and are looking to expand even further
throughout the region.

What does the future hold?  
Well, nobody knows for sure, but we do
know that it's going to be good so
stay tuned . . .
Joel - guitars/vocals
born September 12th and raised in
Middletown, Ohio.  Veteran of the
US Army.  Many years experience
as a vocalist in live bands including
Project 5, 11th Voice and

We are just three ordinary people
with an extraordinary passion for
music.  In this crazy world, we all
need something to hold onto - we
choose our faith, each other, our
families and friends and music.  
If you are looking for a big rock band with a
big rock band sound and production, we are
NOT it (well, sometimes we are).  We have a
relatively small  PA,  a drum kit with a 16"
kick affectionately known as "the fetus", and
we use house lights and no fog machine
(maybe we should look into getting a fog
machine 'cause those things are cool).  But,
if you like great music, not overbearingly
loud, and an intimate "bon fire" feel, come
check us out and bring your friends because
with us, it's all about the "FUN".  See ya at
the next show.  
All are welcome!  XO!
Adrienne Rose - Vocals
born July 5th and raised in
Cincinnati, Ohio.  Veteran of the US
Army (Airborne).  Many years
experience in live bands and
running kareoke for several clubs in
the Cincinnati area.
Pep - Drums/Percussion/Vocals
born April 7th somewhere near El
Paso, TX. Many years experience
as a drummer/percussionist in live
bands including Tainted Angel,
Edge of Life and No Love Lost.
Adrienne Rose Music:
 Powerhouse Acoustic Trio that’s
  Already an Ohio Favorite
Poised to Take on Nashville

Music+Radio contributor

NASHVILLE – There’s strong, and then there’s Army strong.

Joel and Adrienne Butch, the husband-and-wife duo who have joined with drummer Pep Jones to form
the Ohio-based acoustic trio Adrienne Rose Music, are proud Army veterans who humbly describe
their band as “just three ordinary people with an extraordinary passion for music.”

There’s nothing ordinary about their musical gifts, or about their extraordinary work ethic and energy.

During a Nashville visit over Fourth of July weekend, Adrienne and Joel first learned about the high-
profile Commodore Lounge songwriters’ showcase on Thursday night. By Saturday evening, they had
worked the phones and made all the necessary and difficult arrangements and played the Commodore
themselves, a rare achievement for any out-of-town artist.

Even as a beginning singer and the youngest of six kids, Adrienne overcame obstacles to pursuing her
music. She was in several school singing groups and finally tried out for the school’s prestigious a
cappella choir.

“You’re not right for the a cappella choir,” the director told the young Adrienne. “Your voice just
doesn’t mesh with the others. You’re too distinct, and if I put you in with these other girls you’re going
to stand out.”

After some more derogatory comments from the clueless choir director, Adrienne said, “well then, you
better keep an eye on me ’cause I’m getting ready to prove you wrong.”

Fans all over southwestern Ohio have long known that Adrienne was right and that teacher was wrong.
Adrienne Rose Music has become one of the most popular club acts there, often playing three or four
nights a week, no mean feat for three musicians who all hold down full-time day jobs.

There was music everywhere as she was growing up. An older brother was a DJ for Jacor, the
Cincinnati radio chain which was later purchased by Clear Channel, the largest owner of radio stations
in the United States. Her mother loved Big Band swing, her Dad preferred traditional country, while her
brothers and sisters loved Sixties and Seventies pop and rock.

Adrienne Rose Music originals such as “Hiding In The Wo
rds” and “Another Day” or their covers of
difficult classics such as Alanis Morrissette’s “Uninvited,” Blind Melon’s “No Rain” and even Simon
and Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson,” showcase their remarkable versatility and ability to make acoustic
arrangements sound powerful and dynamic.

Adrienne served her first Army stint at Fort Bragg in North Carolina; Joel was stationed in Texas. After
their tours of duty, both were living in Southwest Ohio, and they met on MySpace, the musicians’
Internet site of that day.

On one of their first dates, Joel took Adrienne to see a band he liked. It turns out their lead singer was
also one of her best friends. That was the beginning of discovering countless similar coincidences, and
two years after they met the couple got married in 2009.

“We had mutual friends that we’ve had for years, but for some reason we never ended up in the same
place at the same time,” she says.

Joel had been in a very popular local rock band. Before shows he would send out dozens of friend
requests on MySpace.

“Adrienne was the only one who replied and said, `I don’t even know you, why do you want to be my
friend?’ ” Joel says in a conversation a few blocks from Music Row.

They finally met at a Speedway gas station, adjacent to her apartment. Following that, they would
shoot pool or grab a bite to eat. They talked on the phone and online about music and life. It was a
rocky romance at times, but like all Army vets they soldiered through.

Initially, they didn’t play music together. Joel didn’t know how well Adrienne sung until one night at a
local club in Mason, Ohio, when she belted out three or four Karaoke numbers.

“She was amazing,” Joel said. “That’s when I found out that Adrienne had an ability to sing and a love
for music.”

Soon, he was accompanying Adrienne on guitar. When they started she still had a strong Southern
accent from her days at Fort Bragg. Now she’s equally comfortable singing material from rockers
Evanescence, Tool or Staind, performing the country stylings her Daddy loved when she was a kid, or
adding her unique stylings to the acoustic, Americana-based songs Adrienne Rose Music is writing

“You have to think about it the way I think about it,” she says, displaying the confidence of a natural
star. “I don’t think about it as this genre or that genre. Music to me is just music. My thing is the
difficulty of it. The harder it is for me, that’s why I love it.”

Army strong.

Joel’s entire family listened to music constantly, the Beatles, Elvis, Barbra Streisand, Richard Marx, and
Melissa Manchester, to name a few.

When he heard Elvis’s classic 1973 album Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite, the 5-year-old Joel would
turn the light switch off and on rapid-fire in his room to simulate the feel of a concert as he sang along
with Elvis.

“I always said I want to be like Elvis, I want to be a rock star like that,” he said.

The first live show he ever saw was Tom Jones. Next was Neil Diamond.

“My third was Elvis Presley. It was his second-to-last concert,” the now legendary summer 1977
concert in Cincinnati.

Ozzy Osbourne was another idol, as were artists of countless genres including Dream Theater,
Queensryche, , Indigo Girls, Elton John, Rush, and James Taylor. Like his wife, Joel has synthesized all
of these various influences into his tasty guitar work and his vocals.

They have chosen the acoustic route for Adrienne Rose Music in part because it’s far more practical.
“We can fit all of our gear into a Jeep Compass,” Joel says. “It’s easy in and easy out at the clubs.”

And as the band has long said, Adrienne Rose Music is “NOT your normal acoustic” music.

Something else not normal is Pep Jones, the band’s energetic and charismatic drummer. Pep first
played with Adrienne Rose in September of 2011, and the band has been a trio ever since.  

Pep’s prior experience as a drummer has taken him around the world on two USO tours and through
some of the most famous rock venues in this country, including the Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood,
where rock legends like the Doors, Cream, and the Police all performed.

He’s no stranger to Nashville either. One of Pep’s earlier bands, Edge of Life, recorded at Ocean
Way, the renowned studio and former church on Music Row, with Ronnie Thomas.

“It’s not so much about the showmanship that Pep has, or the ability that he has to drum, and he’s an
incredible drummer technically. It’s more because there’s something between the three of us that
meshed,” Adrienne says. “We’ve had some really great pickers play with us from time to time, but they
don’t mesh.”

Joel adds: “We do a lot of open mics. At those moments I get to be a spectator. When I am a
spectator, I can’t take my eyes off of Pep. He is that entertaining and that good.”

There are a whole lot of spectators around Ohio who have loved being entertained by Adrienne Rose
Music for years. Now, their profile is growing by leaps and bounds in Nashville as well.

Their completely unique fusion of acoustic power, rock and country roots, huge stage charisma and that
Army strong pride and work ethic figures to get a whole lot more fans and radio programmers far
beyond Ohio tuning in to hear and going to see Adrienne Rose Music play and sing in the months and
years to come.


Updated July 17, 2013

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