Adrienne Rose Music
Adrienne and Joel have an unbridled passion for music and enjoy playing acoustic gigs, both formal and
informal.  Adrienne and Joel have been married since February of 2009, however, they have been
together since 2007.  Throughout their relationship, the common denominator has always been music.  
Not long after they began dating, Adrienne and Joel started playing a few songs at home and before
long, they expanded their set list and began performing in local venues.  

Joel and Pep met when Joel was singing for "11th Voice" and Pep was drumming for "Edge of Life".  Their
bands played many shows together and all the guys became good friends.  

Pep called Joel about playing at a Breast Cancer Awareness Benefit in September 2011.  Pep had set
up multiple bands to play the main stage (his band, "No Love Lost" being the headliner) and asked
Adrienne and Joel to play on a second stage in between the main stage bands.  Pep also asked if he
could put together a little percussion rig and "sit in".  They had a blast and the people loved it and, as
they say, the rest is history.  Pep has played virtually every scheduled gig with Adrienne and Joel from
that benefit through May, 2014.  At first, the gigs were billed as "Adrienne Rose Music with special guest
Pep Jones".  In November 2011, Pep officially became part of
"Adrienne Rose Music", however, in late May, 2014, Adrienne and Joel decided to go back to their roots
of the acoustic duo.  Adrienne, Joel and Pep remain close friends and will occasionally play together in
the future, including but not limited to the Broad Street Bash on August 20, 2014.

"People often ask us why we do what we do and why we gig so much.  It's very simple really - we get
off on it.  We absolutely love what we do.  It's not anymore complicated than that.  

Through "Adrienne Rose Music", Adrienne and Joel have connected/re-connected with so many
awesome people in the local community and beyond - musicians and non-musicians alike.  

When we started playing with Pep, it was all about getting gigs - as many as we could, where ever we
could.  We stayed pretty local at first and went to as many open-mics in and around Middletown as we
could, just trying to get our name out there.  Shortly thereafter, we began to branch out north and
south.  Now we play all over southwestern Ohio and are looking to expand even further throughout the

Adrienne and Joel have a few original tunes that they occasionally play at their gigs and at open mics
when they perform.  Their plan is to continue to learn new cover songs and continue to write and
record.  Look for a EP from Adrienne Rose Music in the near future.  
See you at  the next show!
Joel - guitars/vocals
born September 12th and raised in Middletown,
Ohio.  Veteran of the US Army.  Many years
experience as a vocalist in live bands including
Project 5, 11th Voice and Perspective.

We are just two ordinary people with an
extraordinary passion for music.  In this
crazy world, we all need something to
hold onto - we choose our faith, each
other, our families and friends and music.  
If you are looking for a big rock band with a big
rock band sound and production, we are NOT it
(well, sometimes we are).  We have a relatively
small  PA,  and we use house lights and no fog
machine (maybe we should look into getting a fog
machine 'cause those things are cool).  But, if you
like great music, not overbearingly loud, and an
intimate "bon fire" feel, come check us out and
bring your friends because with us, it's all about the
"FUN".  See ya at the next show.  
All are welcome!  XO!
Adrienne Rose - Vocals
born July 5th and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Veteran
of the US Army (Airborne).  Many years experience
in live bands and running kareoke for several clubs
in the Cincinnati area.
We are a husband and wife acoustic rock duo.  We play an immense variety of cover songs from the
typical acoustic rock/pop standards to the unexpected, more upbeat, modern rock tunes popular with
today’s 20-somethings.  We can adapt to and entertain any audience regardless of age.  We are
passionate about music, enjoy performing and we pride ourselves on providing top-notch entertainment.  In
each of the last two years, we had over 170 performances including appearing at/hosting open mic nights,
performing at a retirement community, playing at multiple benefits, as well as headlining in well known rock
clubs.  Our rates are reasonable and we are willing to travel.  Check us out and you will be glad you did.

(513) 833-4607